University of Marlyne

Our Team

Our Team

The governing body of University of Marlyne is its Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for the leadership and control of the University. This includes, but is not limited to, board appointments, strategic plan approvals, budget and funding approvals, significant expenditure approval, and annual review of the University’s policies, procedures, and internal controls. The Board has delegated responsibility for the management of the University to the President / Chief Executive Officer.

The Board is composed of persons who are interested, informed, and active in overseeing the University finances and work. It is the policy of the Board to quarterly review and adopts a clearly articulated mission statement which serves to guide the University work. This statement describes why the University of Marlyne exists and what it hopes to accomplish. The Board also develops business and strategic plans that describe the activities that the University will undertake, where, and for whom.

The board reviews the performance achieved by the University management and instigates change if necessary.

Governing Body Members:

  • Dr. William De Matthew - President
  • Dr. Jacob Oliver - Vice President
  • Dr. Reggie Sebastian - Senate Member
  • Dr. Daniel Edward - Senate Member
  • Dr. Elliott Chester - Senate Member
  • Dr. Alexander Jude Louie - Senate Member
  • Dr. Nathan Felix - Senate Member
  • Dr. Oliver George - Syndicate Member
  • Dr. Thomas Dan Finley - Syndicate Member
  • Dr. Muhammad Freddie - Syndicate Member
  • Dr. Benjamin Frederick - Syndicate Member
  • Dr. Elliott Charles - Syndicate Member

Administrative Staff Members:

  • Dr. Eric Harry Emmanuel - Chancellor
  • Dr. Timothy Williams - Vice Chancellor
  • Dr. Rafferty Hamish - Registrar
  • Dr. Harrison Alfred - Dean (International Affairs)
  • Dr. Peregrine Roscoe - Dean (Academic Affairs)
  • Dr. Isaac De William - Dean (Admissions)
  • Dr. Theodore Bentley - Dean (Administration)
  • Dr. Alfie Fletcher - Dean (Governance)
  • Dr. Zachary Xavier - Dean (Student Affairs)
  • Dr. Richard Samuel - Dean (Public Affairs)
  • Dr. Harrison Christopher - Dean (Human Resources)
  • Dr. Nicolas Jameson - Chief Financial Officer

Academic Staff Members - School of Business:

  • Dr. Saidul Islam Khan
  • Dr. Mahbubur Rahman Khan
  • Dr. Mahbubul Alam Joarder
  • Dr. Shahdat Hossain
  • Dr. Iqbal Aziz Khan
  • Dr. Chowdhury Abdullah Al Hossienie
  • Dr. Mohammad Farhad Howlader
  • Dr. Mohammed Shafiul Alam Khan
  • Dr. Shafiur Rahman
  • Dr. Abu Saleh Mohammad Sowad
  • Dr. Pulok Kanti Deb
  • Dr. Mohammed Omar Faruque

Academic Staff Members - School of Education:

  • Dr. Hadi Abdul Hadi Alwekeel
  • Dr. Ammar Jabbar Hamad Al-Shammary
  • Dr. Munqith Mazin Mghamis
  • Dr. Ebtesam Najim Abdullah Al-Shemmary
  • Dr. Samirah K. Hameed
  • Dr. Siham Jasim Al-Kaabi
  • Dr. Fatima Hmeed Obeed Alfatlawi
  • Dr. Bushra Habeeb Ahmad Abaas Al Molla
  • Dr. Wasna'a Mohammed Abdul Ridha
  • Dr. Haider Farhan AL-Zubaidy
  • Dr. Ahmed Yousuf Zainul-Abideen
  • Dr. Alaa Mohamed-Hassan Hashim Al-Habbobi
  • Dr. Ahmed Abduljaleel Jasim Alalikhan

Academic Staff Members - School of Philosophy and Religion:

  • Dr. Eduardas Miezelaitis
  • Dr. Piotr Malinowski
  • Dr. Danuta Malinowska
  • Dr. Sanjay Bharat Vadgama
  • Dr. Ravinder Singh Sahota
  • Dr. Spyros Georgiou Kyprianos
  • Dr. Muayad Abdulhasan Ali Zahid
  • Dr. Nabeel Al Majtoomi
  • Dr. Mohammed Yasser Mahdi Al-Awadi
  • Dr. Haider Naji Habash
  • Dr. Abdul Karim Khan
  • Dr. Hamida Khatun
  • Dr. Azmal Hossain Bhuiyan

Academic Staff Members - School of Psychology and Behavioral Science:

  • Dr. Abraham Robinson
  • Dr. Siminovitch Louis
  • Dr. Packham Marian
  • Dr. Zandstra Peter
  • Dr. Stephan Douglas
  • Dr. Sokolowski Marla
  • Dr. Yaseen Shihab Shukri
  • Dr. Sajeda Abdul Kadhim Al-Hassani

Academic Staff Members - School of Law

  • Dr. Peltier W. Richard
  • Dr. Tarek Abdelrahman
  • Dr. Fortin Marie Josee
  • Dr. Khalil El-Khatib
  • Dr. Alyson King
  • Dr. Miguel Vargas Martin
  • Dr. Andrea Slane
  • Dr. Majed Mohsen Salman
  • Dr. Fadhil Yousif Almayali

Academic Staff Members - School of Health Sciences:

  • Dr. Stavros Tsogkasm
  • Dr. Huaxiong Huang
  • Dr. Radford Neal
  • Dr. Rudi Mathon
  • Dr. Joseph Jay Williams
  • Dr. Suzanne Stevenson
  • Dr. Gennady Pekhimenko
  • Dr. Tovi Grossman
  • Dr. Angela Brown
  • Dr. Laurent B Mydlarski
  • Dr. Hannah Scott
  • Dr. Olga Marques
  • Dr. Labrosse Michel
  • Dr. Moore Stephanie
  • Dr. Pashkovich Kanstantsin
  • Dr. Zahrai Seyed Mehdi

Academic Staff Members - School of Engineering:

  • Dr. Jeffery Zucker
  • Dr. David Coltman
  • Dr. Robert Baber
  • Dr. Richard Gardiner
  • Dr. Richard Paige
  • Dr. Hugh Henry
  • Dr. Ryszard Janicki
  • Dr. Nusha Keyghobadi
  • Dr. Jeremy McNeil
  • Dr. Monique Adriaen
  • Dr. Hedi A Bouraoui
  • Dr. Brian Gaber
  • Dr. Juan Maiguashca
  • Dr. Nicholas Rogers
  • Dr. Irmgard Steinisch
  • Dr. Zainab Abdul Razak Abdul
  • Dr. Hussein Serhan Mohammad
  • Dr. Hafidh Mohmmod Farhan
  • Dr. Alia Hussein Salman Alboradi

Academic Staff Members - School of Science:

  • Dr. Danny Weltman
  • Dr. Anthony W. Addison
  • Dr. George Odhiambo Amolo
  • Dr. Dimiter Angelov
  • Dr. Sidney Chalhoub
  • Dr. Philip Deloria
  • Dr. Patts Meshack Akumu Odira
  • Dr. Kenneth Bingham
  • Dr. Evangelia Chrysikou
  • Dr. Mharakurwa Sungano
  • Dr. Rusul Hassan Naser
  • Dr. Luay Kadhim Hameed
  • Dr. Majed Mohsen Salman Hamza
  • Dr Mohammad Shahidur Rahman
  • Dr Mohammad Reza Selim

Academic Staff Members - School of Arts and Humanities:

  • Dr. Stafford Withington
  • Dr. Emma Carter
  • Dr. Douglas Gilmour
  • Dr. Jamie Baker
  • Dr. Louise McSeveny
  • Dr. Abu Ahmed Ferdouse
  • Dr. Salah Uddin Ahmed
  • Dr. Anaam Shaker
  • Dr. Ebtehal Taky Hassan
  • Dr. Godfried Euser
  • Dr. Liz Winter
  • Dr. Ian Wilmut
  • Dr. Furio Cora
  • Dr. Jabbar Ebadi Mohammad
  • Dr. Mithaq Mutter Mehdi

Academic Staff Members - School of Biological Sciences:

  • Dr. Katherine Aigner
  • Dr. Zena Assaad
  • Dr. Caron Beaton
  • Dr. Jonathan White
  • Dr. Marc Antoine Sani
  • Dr. Shumsun Naher Begum
  • Dr. Habibur Rahman
  • Dr. Hashim Naji Azuz
  • Dr. Hamid Athab Eedan
  • Dr. Khalida Kadhim Al-Kelaby
  • Dr. Amanda Parker
  • Dr. Sotiris Vardoulakis
  • Dr. Penelope Commons

Academic Staff Members - School of Clinical Medicine:

  • Dr. Weingart Peter
  • Dr. Rainer Niewa
  • Dr. Edgar F Kaiser
  • Dr. Mohammad Masud Alam
  • Dr Md Abul Kalam Azad
  • Dr. Anock Somadder
  • Dr. Haider Jabr Mihsin
  • Dr. Fahad Hussein
  • Dr. Rizkallah Hassan
  • Dr. Grotschel Martin

Academic Staff Members - School of Skill Development:

  • Dr. Anwarul Kabir Bhuiya
  • Dr. Shofiqul Islam
  • Dr. Bimal Kumar Pramanik
  • Dr. Mohammad Shahedul Hossain
  • Dr. Paula Marantz Cohen
  • Dr. Jallango Akello
  • Dr. Vincent Brown