University of Marlyne

President’s Message

President’s Message:

Welcome to University of Marlyne, an institution with American style of education. Our distinguished faculty, with an almost limitless breadth of academic and business experience, offers our students a challenging, inspiring, and practical foundation for their future endeavors.

University of Marlyne seeks to deliver educational programs and high value services grounded upon the principles of truth, established practice and founded science for the end goal of producing a new breed of self directed, competent business and educational leaders. With the help of technology, it is now possible for educational institutions, such as University of Marlyne, to fulfill this thrust. Education does not need to be confined to traditional settings because people who want to obtain their degrees or expand their educational qualifications can do so through alternative means. In light of these, University of Marlyne’s programs and curricula are comprehensive and at the same time, adhere with exemplary international standards. This means that the University has received accreditation from academic communities after passing their reviews and after completing various requirements.

University of Marlyne, in its thrust to promote and accelerate leadership as well as professional development not only among its student body but also its faculty and other employees, harnesses only current researches, relevant curricular offerings and responsive extension services. By taking this stance, University of Marlyne is assured that it plays a significant role in the creation and delivery of relevant knowledge and skill, thereby contributing to society in general. In its aim to serve as center of knowledge and be a part of the global education and science community, University of Marlyne also assumes responsibility for ongoing enhancement of a well rounded, research oriented academe. University of Marlyne takes pride in the opportunities and knowledge it offers to the international education landscape, and values each student as they contribute to this legacy.

We are proud of our academic challenge and excellence, and we believe that every incoming student adds to our legacy. Our faculty members are encouraged to provide our students with the fundamentals that they will use for the rest of their careers, while imparting learning experiences and lessons that will serve them personally and professionally.

I am confident that University of Marlyne can meet and exceed your expectations. We are proud of the opportunities and experiences that University of Marlyne offers every day, and we hope you will become part of our family.

Best Regards
University of Marlyne