University of Marlyne

School of Education

School of Education

University of Marlyne established the School of Education to provide advanced instruction in literature philosophy, the sciences and arts, and to give professional and technical training. Specifically, the University established the School to develop the students as professional educators, researchers, and as potential administrators. To achieve its goal, the School of Education has a broad-based curriculum that balances technical training and practical problem solving.

Academic Degree Programs:

  • Bachelor of Education
  • Bachelor of Special Education
  • Bachelor of Physical Education
  • Bachelor of Child Education
  • Bachelor of Value Education
  • Bachelor of Educational Psychology
  • Bachelor of Educational Technology
  • Master of Education
  • Master of Education – TESOL Emphasis
  • Master of Special Education
  • Master of Physical Education
  • Master of Child Education
  • Master of Value Education
  • Master of Educational Psychology
  • Master of Educational Technology
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Education
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Special Education
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Physical Education
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Child Education
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Value Education
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Psychology
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Technology
  • Doctor of Education with Specialization in Higher Education

Faculty Details:

  • Dr. Hadi Abdul Hadi Alwekeel
  • Dr. Ammar Jabbar Hamad Al-Shammary
  • Dr. Munqith Mazin Mghamis
  • Dr. Ebtesam Najim Abdullah Al-Shemmary
  • Dr. Samirah K. Hameed
  • Dr. Siham Jasim Al-Kaabi
  • Dr. Fatima Hmeed Obeed Alfatlawi
  • Dr. Bushra Habeeb Ahmad Abaas Al Molla
  • Dr. Wasna'a Mohammed Abdul Ridha
  • Dr. Haider Farhan AL-Zubaidy
  • Dr. Ahmed Yousuf Zainul-Abideen
  • Dr. Alaa Mohamed-Hassan Hashim Al-Habbobi
  • Dr. Ahmed Abduljaleel Jasim Alalikhan