University of Marlyne

Disability Policy

Disability Policy:

University of Marlyne is committed to providing an education that does not discriminate and promotes ethical use of the computer technology. The University disability policy has a direct impact on the usage of media, technologies, and materials for online learning courses, especially with respect to our hard of hearing and deaf students. All online course media and materials with an audio component are either transcribed or captioned before we assign them (usually before the classes start) to provide practical accommodation for hard of hearing and deaf students. Since instructors may not know whether they have a hard of hearing or deaf students enrolled in their class until the end of the drop/add period, they are required to choose and develop accessible materials when they design their courses. Reasonable accommodations for students with hearing disabilities currently do not exist when instructors use synchronous audio communication technologies within a course. For example, we do not use online learning telephone conferencing systems when students with hearing disabilities are registered in a course, even when the participation of the student is not needed.