University of Marlyne

School of Clinical Medicine

School of Clinical Medicine

It is the mission of University of Marlyne School of Medicine to advance health in the state and beyond by promoting innovation and excellence in education, research and patient care. University of Marlyne School of Medicine will lead the transformation of health care through quality, innovation and education and make Indiana one of the nation’s healthiest states.

Our core values are

  • Excellence that is reflected in the innovative conduct and advancement of education, research and patient care.
  • Respect for individuals who are affiliated with, or come in contact with, University School of Medicine: staff, students, residents, fellows, faculty, staff, partners, communities, patients and families.
  • Integrity that embraces the very highest standards of ethical behavior and exemplary moral character.
  • Diversity that is reflected in actions that appreciate all individuals.
  • Cooperation that is manifested by collegial communication and collaboration.

Our strategic plan is

  • University of Marlyne School of Medicine is guided by a strategic plan that serves as a multiyear blueprint to advance research, education and clinical care.

Academic Degree Programs:

  • Bachelor of Clinical Biochemistry
  • Bachelor of Clinical Neurosciences
  • Bachelor of Haematology
  • Bachelor of Medical Genetics
  • Bachelor of Medicine
  • Bachelor of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  • Bachelor of Oncology
  • Bachelor of Paediatrics
  • Bachelor of Psychiatry
  • Bachelor of Public Health & Primary Care
  • Bachelor of Radiology
  • Bachelor of Surgery
  • Master of (All Subjects)
  • Doctor of (All Subjects)

Faculty Details:

  • Dr. Weingart Peter
  • Dr. Rainer Niewa
  • Dr. Edgar F Kaiser
  • Dr. Mohammad Masud Alam
  • Dr Md Abul Kalam Azad
  • Dr. Anock Somadder
  • Dr. Haider Jabr Mihsin
  • Dr. Fahad Hussein
  • Dr. Rizkallah Hassan
  • Dr. Grotschel Martin