University of Marlyne

School of Arts and Humanities

School of Arts and Humanities

Foundational to the university’s capacity to provide a quality education, the arts and humanities discover, create and disseminate knowledge of human experience, thought and expression that cultivates intellectual breadth, promotes ethical understanding, builds identity and embraces difference. Deeply engaged with the vibrant cultural life of the nation’s capital and with citizens of the state and beyond, we provide unparalleled opportunities for global and civic engagement. Faculty lead their disciplines in ambitious, original research on a broad range of topics, from historic to contemporary social movements, and from ancient texts to the digital dimensions of art and literature. Students gain specialized and interdisciplinary knowledge of people and their cultures through a diverse and vigorous curriculum, developing skills required for life in civil society and leadership in an emerging global community.

Our strategic goals are

  • Produce graduates whose knowledge and skills prepare them to lead their fields and equip them for local and global citizenship.
  • Build and support a world-class faculty in the arts and the humanities.
  • Illustrate how the arts and humanities are critical to a knowledgeable democratic citizenry and problem solving in a diverse society.
  • Expand and enhance both physical and virtual spaces to promote robust and collaborative intellectual communities, and facilitate increased interaction between faculty, students and staff across the campus and beyond.

Academic Degree Programs:

  • Bachelor of Architecture
  • Bachelor of History of Art
  • Bachelor of East Asian Studies
  • Bachelor of Middle Eastern Studies
  • Bachelor of Classical Archaeology
  • Bachelor of Divinity
  • Bachelor of English
  • Bachelor of French
  • Bachelor of German & Dutch
  • Bachelor of Italian
  • Bachelor of Slavonic Studies
  • Bachelor of Spanish and Portuguese
  • Bachelor of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics
  • Bachelor of Music
  • Bachelor of Philosophy
  • Master of (All Subjects)
  • Doctor of (All Subjects)

Faculty Details:

  • Dr. Stafford Withington
  • Dr. Emma Carter
  • Dr. Douglas Gilmour
  • Dr. Jamie Baker
  • Dr. Louise McSeveny
  • Dr. Abu Ahmed Ferdouse
  • Dr. Salah Uddin Ahmed
  • Dr. Anaam Shaker
  • Dr. Ebtehal Taky Hassan
  • Dr. Godfried Euser
  • Dr. Liz Winter
  • Dr. Ian Wilmut
  • Dr. Furio Cora
  • Dr. Jabbar Ebadi Mohammad
  • Dr. Mithaq Mutter Mehdi