University of Marlyne

Affirmative Action Policy

Affirmative Action Policy:

University of Marlyne recognizes the need for affirmative action and pledges its commitment to take on positive actions to address the effects of past practices or barriers to equal education opportunity and also to achieve the fair and full participation of people with disabilities, women, minorities, and older persons. The University also further states that it will conform to the anti-discrimination provisions of the federal regulations and laws. We recognize the education difficulties experienced by minorities, people with disabilities and by many older persons and, where appropriate, we have set program goals to overcome the present effects of past discrimination, if any, to achieve the full and fair teaching and learning of such persons. In order to implement affirmative action policies, our staff has prepared an affirmative action plan that includes programs aimed at eliminating discrimination and promoting fairness. The affirmative action plan incorporates specific objectives, goals, actions, timetables, as well as a complaint procedure.